Official Sex and Death Book Trailer…Again!!!

I am reposting this in honor of temporary new pricing of Sex and Death in the American Novel. Beginning Friday March 22nd through Wednesday March 27th, you can download the e-book for 99 cents on Amazon. 

You cannot put a price on Art. The book trailer is one of the single best representations of the book I can send out and it may even outlive the story itself.

It can be accessed here

Enjoy it. Enjoy it multiple times. Enjoy it with the sound off. Enjoy it with your eyes closed. Enjoy it until your toes curl and your muscles thrum. Enjoy it, for you will never see or hear anything like this ever again.

Brian C. Short did a beautiful job in such a short clip. It features his video and still pictures, me reading the first page, and in the background is this incredibly touching music by Phil Jourdan of Paris and the Hiltons. Click the link on his name, you’ll see why this is a such a big deal. 

Andrea Hurst is the reason Whidbey Island was featured so prominently in my novel. Brian did a fantastic job capturing the images from around the island, most notably for those who have read the book, the view from under the bridge at Deception Pass. Brian read my novel, is an artist himself, and really got the spirit of my words to come through in the visuals.

I want to mention one more thing. Every day I find it more and more ironic that the two sets of people I spent the most time having my main character ridicule and rage at were men and academics. Some of my most thoughtful readers, and the ones who have been the most supportive of me as an artist, have been men–several of them also happen to be academics.

What a wonderful world.

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