Book Review: These Things I Know

To prepare you all for my interview with the author and the e-book going free on Amazon Friday and Saturday, I am posting my review to get you good and ready.

Note the front cover…the original and haunting image…note the blurb by Phil Jourdan (LitReactor co-founder who recently spoke at Oxford on memoir writing)…note that the author along with one of the stories in this book was nominated for a Pushcart Prize!                                                       

For all of you who have been discussing writing projects with me, this is one to study for an example of what can be achieved when you do your own thing. You will also find the glorious vision of something that is always near and dear to my heart: a book that doesn’t fit. Is this a short story collection or creative non-fiction…is it, could it be…both? For all of you who have recently attended a writing conference populated with agents and editors telling you what sells, this is why you go with a small press.

This is the kind of book I read at least twice. Once for story, a second time to savor the language and as a writer I will go back a third time for study. These words make me want to be a better writer, a stronger woman, and a more compassionate human. The details in this book are so intense, the images, settings and situations are so vivid, they still pop into my head at odd times.

To read this book is to be shown, in a novel and interesting way, what it feels like to be in a fleshy, fragile, finite human body.

The poetic lines stayed with me even after I put the book down. The author’s observations were both universal and familiar and for this I am grateful. When I find my own thoughts echoed in the words of another person I know that I am not alone.

Scenes in this book call up images that are either beautiful or terrifying and for the places where they are both, you know you are dealing with an Artist.

Life changingly good books come along so rarely, this is one is a real gift.

Tell your friends, book groups, doctors, veterinarians, local booksellers and libraries then please return for the interview with the author tomorrow.

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