First Anniversary of Sex and Death in the world: Virtual Book Launch Reposted

I am reposting the launch videos in honor of the first anniversary of Sex and Death as a real-live-book-in-the-world-with-pages-and-everything.
In honor of this occasion I am going to do it up by hitting the Editor’s Guild Pot Luck.

For the rest of you who I am offering this: for each new review that goes up on Amazon, I promise to send you your very own link to the Nelson video of your choice.

To my readers: I love you all, thanks for indulging me.
To my editors and mentors, supporters and publishers: I wouldn’t be here without you.

To my hubby: I am sorry I forgot to mention you from the podium. It gets hard to remember everything when there are a hundred pairs of eyes on you. How about this instead?

I love you guys. MWAH.

Links to videos are mixed with text below. Scroll down to find the highlighted phrases that will take you to the videos that might interest you. Have fun!

The launch for Sex and Death in the American Novel was held at Benaroya Hall, Saturday September 8, 2012. In addition to the readings and short speeches, Maureen O’Donnell worked up an original tribal belly dance number to “Deformography,” by Marilyn Manson. I also had Michelle Badion, my first dance instructor perform two numbers with her partner Koa Hons.

After the formal program, people continued to mingle, I signed a few more books, then we danced to everything from “Suavemente,” by Elvis Crespo to “Rough Sex,” by Lords of Acid. 
It was glorious. I could not have asked for a more fun bunch to share the evening with.

I want to thank everyone who attended. You brought much appreciated enthusiasm about my book, excitement for the event and an open mind regarding my topics and musical influences. You guys really did make this night for me. Thank you so much.

Through this post, and the video links, I hope to lay out how the evening went so you may pick and choose what you might want to look at.

The lighting for one of the dance numbers was less than ideal for camera, but was wonderful for the live audience. My apologies in advance.


At 6:30 I signed books outside the Founder’s Room while people mingled inside. Here is a short compilation that also includes bits from Maureen’s dance if you just want something quick. This piece doesn’t include any of the speeches or reading and doesn’t show as much of the tango sections.

At 7:15 Michelle and Koa danced their first number while people gathered for the formal part of the program.  

Next, Maureen performed to “Deformography.” I can’t tell you how incredible it was to watch someone who already represented the spirit of my character Vivianna perform to music that represents so much about what it means to be an artist. The weirdo in me was finally given a visual representation and it was more exciting than I ever imagined.  

Katherine Sears, Booktrope CMO introduced me and I spoke, both are on this clip.

I missed a critical part in my speech where I was supposed to thank my husband for all the things he does that make this writing life possible. Amazing what you forget when you’re up there with all those eyes on you.

Michelle and Koa danced to “Oblivion,” by Astor Piazzolla. 

I read from the first page and then skipped over to the part that takes place at  Benaroya Hall.

Maureen ended the formal portion of the night.

After downing a bag of corn nuts*, a small but dedicated group of us left the Hall a little before midnight and headed over to Neighbours, a location that features prominently in the book.

Taking this picture was fun**, but it was also incredibly important to me that on the night of my book launch, both the Ladies and the dancers were out. To pay homage to Vivi’s spirit, there was no better way to celebrate. 

Afterward, as in the book, we hit 13 Coins.

It was so much fun to see all the places I featured in the book and show my editor Katie Flanagan exactly where certain events took place.

Two attendees were kind enough to post their thoughts on the launch and the book.

Tamsen Schultz: I especially appreciated her interpretation of my comments on music.

Isla Mcketta: Love the thoughts on the artistic sensibility as well as the more removed interpretation of the event.

*The launch preparation and execution were more work than my wedding! On launch day I didn’t eat or drink anything after the lunch the Gene Juarez ladies treated me to in the early afternoon. I signed, spoke, and danced my ass off (hairpins were flying, baby!) until midnight. At 12:30 am when we loaded up the minivan I was ready to chew the leather off the seats. I was not, however, willing to slow down long enough to hit a restaurant. Neighbours is only open until 4. Thank the good lord for Corn Nuts.  

** Do I or do I not have the most understanding and supportive husband in the world? I do. I do. I do.

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5 Responses to First Anniversary of Sex and Death in the world: Virtual Book Launch Reposted

  1. Linda Banana says:

    Must mention first that the website is still pending as is the self-publication of my first book. However, thanks for everything on your website and blog because it totally gels with everything I believe. Found it because I was looking for ‘how is Erica Jong categorised on amazon’. I will buy your book and read it while putting the final edits to mine. Love and good wishes

  2. Sarah Martinez says:

    Excellent. So glad to hear my Erica Jong post made it to someone!
    Best of luck with your own work, and thanks for reading and commenting.  

  3. Linda Banana says:

    I hope you don’t mind my adding this extra detail as I now have a website and am working hard at getting my own book up for sale. I’m about half way through Sex and Death and loving it!

  4. Sarah Martinez says:

    Congratulations Linda!! 
    Keep working away on that book and getting it out into the world. Will love to see how you do.

  5. David says:

    I am very lucky to have such an amazing woman as a wife.
    She is an incredible and talented person, very dedicated to her work.
    I will do everything in my power to always support her in any way I can.

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