Call of Doody: Declare War on Distraction

Someone posted something on Facebook recently about how only crazy people believed what they saw on YouTube. I nodded, feeling superior…yes, those easily manipulated dolts who believe in mermaids and conspiracies.                                     Then I thought, ‘oh, wait’. That’s me. … Continue reading

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Soul Signal Radio Podcast: Sex, Death and Spirituality

My July appearance on Soul Signal Radio was moved up to last night due to scheduling conflicts. There is an echo on my voice for the first few minutes but then it goes away. The host, Leta Hamiliton, continued to … Continue reading

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On the value of the badly written sex scene

First came the Bad Sex in Fiction Award, several of the yearly nominees are funny and make my point that some authors in literary fiction—a category of books which purports to offer honest commentary about what it means to be human—give less … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Sex and Death in the American Novel–Final Scene

Katie posted the third version of this scene on her blog yesterday. Before I show you the final version (pre-copyedit) I thought first I would open with my thoughts and reactions to her comments, which came BEFORE I reworked the … Continue reading

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Kerry Cohen’s Loose Girl: Part 2

SM: Loose Girl is a necessary book because it addresses a side of female sexuality that I have hardly heard talked about so honestly, and definitely not this fairly to the guy’s side. In my own search for ways to … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Erotica Writer’s Husband

This book was laugh out loud funny, starting with the first line of the first story, “Holy Moly, what a penny whistle. I’m talking cherubic.” I still crack up laughing at what comes next. The story this one came from, … Continue reading

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Edmonds Writers on the Sound

This was an excellent conference. No agents or editors so the focus was just craft and networking. They capped the attendees to 200 so there was also a feeling of intimacy and friendliness. John Daniel was the featured speaker on … Continue reading

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Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference Part 2

This year’s conference was one of the best experiences for me. I knew what I went there to accomplish: networking, learning, and if all went well, pitching. I came away with some very encouraging feedback, finding out that the type … Continue reading

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Back out There

Wish me luck everyone. I just sent off a modified piece for Prime Time, a local newspaper for the senior set. (I sent a much longer version around this same time last year.) The theme for the November issue is … Continue reading

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The Believability issue: Why can’t a porn star run for congress?

I want to put this out there. Some of you will take this as confirmation that I actually lost my mind some time ago and this is the verification you needed to cut ties. Fine. You won’t be the first, … Continue reading

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