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What Happened: Ground Zero—Day One

This post is dedicated to A, L, R, J, J, D, C, L and A: There are no words to express my gratitude for all of your support during these first few days. Here is a picture of my hubby … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup: Cuisine Inspired by Hurricane Odile

I am really proud of this recipe, especially considering the circumstances surrounding its creation. My friends who were anxiously following the hurricane, and the subsequent tourist exodus, will now be able to sink into my stories in a more tangible … Continue reading

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Masters vs. Servants: Thoughts on U.S. Customs and Border Protection

         “We need to stop letting our public servants be our public masters.”                                   –Brandon  Bryant                     … Continue reading

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After the twenty-four-year-old in California who wouldn’t stop when I moved his hands and pretended I was asleep, I gave in and justified it because my ass was the only thing I could trade for a place to stay; after … Continue reading

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Art Galleries. Ski Valley. Wal-Mart. Mountains that change color by the minute. Light that feels artificial–unreal. Sage. Prairie dogs. Beer Bottles on the side of the road. Strands of gift ribbon curl amidst the weeds and dirt and make me … Continue reading

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Book Review: These Things I Know

To prepare you all for my interview with the author and the e-book going free on Amazon Friday and Saturday, I am posting my review to get you good and ready.Note the front cover…the original and haunting image…note the blurb by Phil Jourdan (LitReactor co-founder who recently spoke at … Continue reading

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I Finally Got It Up! Male Sexuality…the long awaited review

                                                      –Google Books“This is a book about the value of understanding. It assumes that when we oversimplify male sexuality or demonize any form of it, everyone suffers. It assumes that when men understand themselves, they feel less shame, and that when … Continue reading

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In Favor of the Sensitive Man

                                                            When I read Michael Bader’s book, Male Sexuality, Why Women Don’t Understand It and Men Don’t Either, I found validation for my need to understand men. This post serves as a precursor to my review of his book. The story below … Continue reading

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At His Feet

I know where beauty sits.Call me pretty; tell me I’m hot. I get an ego boost that lasts about two seconds and then I forget about it. Just like I’ll forget about you. Tell me I am brave, say that … Continue reading

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Chris Abani, Junot Diaz, and What I Have Been Afraid You All Will Find Out

Almost everyone in Seattle turned out Friday night to see Sherman Alexie, Chris Abani, Jonathan Evison, and Joy Mills. The one who made the biggest impression by far was Chris Abani. Much of what he said blew right past me, but the … Continue reading

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