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…and Death in the American Novel

Fiction that isn’t an author’s personal adventure into the frightening or the unknown isn’t worth writing about for anything but money. —Jonathan Franzen   My husband’s aunt in Mexico just lost her father. I spoke to her in the best … Continue reading

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About Me Page to Archives

After over two years I have accumulated enough professional credentials to update my about page with more impressive material. I still want to keep this up somewhere in case anyone wants to get a better idea of where the darkness … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Stoned Apocolypse

The Stoned Apocalypse by Marco Vassi I am so grateful for this book. This is one example of how the written word has the ultimate power to transcend everything: class, time, prejudice, politics, fear, death. Marco Vassi died over twenty … Continue reading

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He Doesn’t Get It

This is a recurring theme these days. On the internet message boards I stalk I have read posts by people who went through the same adolescent horrors I did. They feel frustration with their loved ones because they don’t understand … Continue reading

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On the Lawsuit Question or Did I Ask For it?

Allow me to indulge a bit of self pity here, then I will move on to more positive things. I hate this side of me when I get going on this Straight stuff but maybe it just has to come … Continue reading

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