Email: sarah at mywildskies dot com


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  1. Robin Cohn says:

    Am I missing something on your website? Where can I sign up to get your blog delivered to my email? If you don’t have the ability for your readers to sign up, you are missing a big, big opportunity to reach out to your fans. Like me!

    It was such a delight meeting you on Whidbey. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your company. Thanks for hanging with me. I can’t wait to discover your writing world.

    • MyWildSkies says:


      You make an excellent point and I am still trying to get this set up. I used to have this working perfectly but when I switched to WordPress I have had to redo so many things.

      You are still the most exciting thing I have to say about Whidbey. I look forward to hosting you on my blog, but will make sure I get the subscription set up first, as I did have a few readers on there who I know will be excited to learn what you are up to.


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